California Removes Proposed Moratorium on Crumb-Rubber used in Artificial Turf Fields

California Legislative Committee Removes Proposed Moratorium on Crumb-Rubber Products


Sacramento, California – The Environmental Quality Committee of the California State Senate affirmed the safety of crumb-rubber by removing the proposed temporary moratorium on the use of crumb-rubber in synthetic-turf fields and playgrounds.  State Senators raised concerns that the moratorium created a perception that crumb-rubber wasn’t safe when all scientific studies have shown there is no elevated risk from playing on or coming into contact with the product.

On a party-line vote, the Committee approved an amended version of the bill that includes an additional study of crumb-rubber safety to address and allay the public concerns that have arisen from media reports.  Republicans refused to support even the amended version of the bill as other amendments would create a public hearing and other burdens on school districts and local governments, increasing costs and creating an arbitrary obligation. While the Democratic members ultimately supported the bill, they also raised concerns about these additional burdens and suggested the costs should be examined in the Appropriations Committee, which is where the bill goes next.


Concerned about turf safety? Visit our Safety page Here, for a collection of research on turf and infill.


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