FieldTurf Crew Live Heartwarming Moment at Willow Grove Elementary

When FieldTurf’s installation crew arrived on site at Willow Grove Elementary, they received an unexpected gift from the school’s students.




Next to a colorful drawing of their new artificial turf field, the card contained a truly touching message:


“Thank you! Thank you for making are new clean turf!”

“Dear Workers, thank you for working your best on Willow Grove’s new turf! We hope you come the next time we have a big project! Love, Willow Grove students”.



For many, access to a quality field isn’t easy to come by. Our turf makes a difference in the lives of young athletes by providing schools, municipalities and leagues with a safe and fun place to find their inner champion.


“Should it be for a national championship or recess, providing athletes of all levels with a safe, durable and performing surface is our true motivation. For us at FieldTurf, the appreciation for our product demonstrated in this thank you card outweighs any high profile field we could ever get awarded.” Said Eric Daliere, President, FieldTurf


See how FieldTurf makes a difference Here. The field at Willow Grove Elementary has recently been completed.


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