LeBron signs with the wrong Cleveland team

The sports world was rocked today with the surprising news of LeBron James returning to the Cavaliers after leaving for the Heat a mere 4 years ago. Personally we think he signed with the wrong Cleveland team. Here are our Top Five reasons why we think King James should have signed with the Browns instead.


#1. Nothing left to prove

Since being drafted in 2003, LeBron has put up over 20 000 points in the NBA making him one of the league’s most dominant players of all time.  Along with his impressive stats, the King has earned two NBA championship rings, four NBA MVP awards, ten NBA All Star nominations, six NBA All-Defensive awards, an NBA scoring award & an NBA Rookie of the Year award. They don’t call him the King for no reason. We think LeBron’s trophy room would look better with a touch of Lombardi.


#2. The Browns need him more

There is no doubt the Cavs have struggled since LeBron’s move to Miami, but nowhere near the misery the Browns have endured over the past four years. The Browns have only won 19 games since 2009 and haven’t made the post season in 10 years! LeBron’s speed and size could help the Browns add valuable points to the scoreboard.


#3. LeBron is a kick ass football player

As a High School Junior, LeBron put up 1,160 yards & 16 TDs through 57 catches… impressive football numbers! At 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds, James has the size to compete in the NFL. We think he could easily follow in the footsteps of Tony Gonzalez, Julius Peppers and Rickey Dudley.


#4. We need a dual sport athlete

The world is due for the next great dual sport athlete! Not since the times of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson have we seen a better candidate up to the task.


#5. Manziel could use the help

With Josh Gordon’s recent suspension, the Browns are in dire need of help at the WR position. Should Manziel be called out to lead the team, we are sure he would love to see LeBron open in the end zone. Imagine how NIKE would feel to have two of their most notable ambassadors playing on the same team.


Can you imagine the NBA without James? Well…neither can we. LeBron is the biggest name in basketball and as much as we would love to have him play on the FieldTurf fields across the NFL, he belongs in the NBA. We are excited to see him back in a Cavs uniform.


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