SB 47 – Dead bill upholds safety of artificial turf

The Senate Appropriations Committee considered bills today.  SB 47 (Hill), which would have required a health study of crumb rubber, limited grants for synthetic turf fields and playgrounds and created a defacto moratorium on local government and schools installing crumb rubber products for two-years; was held in committee.  Under the rules of the Senate, SB 47 is dead and can no longer be considered.


This occurred despite the author of SB 47 being a member of both committees that considered the bill.  This is an excellent outcome and reinforces, that despite the media hype, no moratorium or limitation on crumb rubber products is justified.


With over 50 studies and reports showing crumb rubber does not increase health risks, FieldTurf is pleased that common sense and science prevailed in this discussion.   We will continue to support any additional effort to demonstrate the safety of crumb rubber products and are pleased that this high performing and versatile product remains available as an option to our customers.


Concerned about turf safety? Visit our Safety page Here, for a collection of research on turf and infill.

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