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SB 47 – Dead bill upholds safety of artificial turf

The Senate Appropriations Committee considered bills today.  SB 47 (Hill), which would have required a health study of crumb rubber, limited grants for synthetic turf fields and playgrounds and created a defacto moratorium on local government and schools installing crumb rubber products for two-years; was held in committee.  Under the rules of the Senate, SB…


Artificial Turf moratorium fails

Yet another moratorium on artificial turf has failed. This time it’s the city of Concord in Massachusetts. The final vote on Article 4, which called for the moratorium on all public lands, was 454 to 302 against. We have shared the full story below on our FieldTurf Blog or you can see the original Here. Concern…


California Removes Proposed Moratorium on Crumb-Rubber used in Artificial Turf Fields

California Legislative Committee Removes Proposed Moratorium on Crumb-Rubber Products   Sacramento, California – The Environmental Quality Committee of the California State Senate affirmed the safety of crumb-rubber by removing the proposed temporary moratorium on the use of crumb-rubber in synthetic-turf fields and playgrounds.  State Senators raised concerns that the moratorium created a perception that crumb-rubber…


Which soccer cleats performed best at the World Cup?

A recent study by Penn State University’s Center for Sports Surface Research, entitled ‘2014 World Cup Shoes – Traction Comparison’, has provided more data on the similarity of FieldTurf Revolution and Kentucky Bluegrass rotational traction performance with soccer footwear used by the world’s elite. Each surface, Kentucky Bluegrass (natural) and FieldTurf Revolution (artificial), was tested…

What is a concussion?

What is a concussion?

Concussions are the No. 1 topic right now in sports safety. From TV reports to blogs to chat rooms to dining room tables, people are discussing this issue more each day and deciding how it will affect themselves and their children. Informed decisions are founded in facts and expert advice. Through programs such as Heads…

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