The Turf isn’t always greener… Sometimes it’s red, purple & blue.

Many believe the turf is greener on the other side…but what would happen if you got to the other side and it was blue! Since the reveal of Bronco Stadium’s blue field, many have decided to venture down the non-traditional path of colored turf. Some have failed…but many have triumphed. Let’s have a look at our top 5 colored turf fields.


5. University of Central Arkansas

Beware of the purple bears! In 2011, the University of Central Arkansas decided to renovate Estes Stadium and install a unique interchanging purple and grey striped turf field. One thing is for sure…everyone will now know what their school colors are!



4. West Hills High School

When blue is not good enough, push the boundaries of creativity. West Hills High School did just that when they decided to not only lay out a blue field but a TWO-TONE blue turf field with interchanging colors every 5 yards.



3. West Salem High School

In 2011, West Salem High School shocked the world after unveiling the only outdoor black colored turf field in the country entitled the Black Hole! This small town school received national coverage for its unique surface.



2. Eastern Washington University

Let’s go Lava red! That’s what Eastern Washington University decided to do. Many think Roos Field has taken the spotlight away from Boise State with its eye popping red flash look. It can’t be easy for EWU’s quarterbacks to pick up a wide receiver though…especially since they wear red home jerseys.



1. Boise State University

Did you know the Broncos have been blue for almost 30 years? Boise State University’s iconic blue field and orange end zones was first installed in 1986 and has been replaced twice since its first overhaul. The “Smurf Field” is still recognized as the world’s most unique installation.



Top 5: Colored Turf fields in the USA

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