What to expect from the second stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup has had some very entertaining, and beautiful soccer played during the first few weeks of the tournament. Now the knockout games are set and there are some very interesting match-ups that could provide some drama filled games.


Germany is the number one team in the tournament but their next game is against Sweden, who have not played great, but never count them out. Norway vs. England is another very interesting match up, which could go either way. What will the Columbia team do against the very strong USA? They love to attack but against the US they could give up a bunch of goals. China is not as strong as in the past but they could still win vs. Cameroon. France vs. S. Korea could go either way. Brazil vs. Australia should finish with a Brazil win. Japan vs. Netherland will provide a game with contrasting style’s. And finally Canada vs. Switzerland will have the hosts looking to be the favorites to advance.


All of these teams have proven that they have what it takes to play at the highest level. Once you get to this stage, everyone has a better idea about what the other team looks like. They have a few days to put together a game plan to make sure every detail is covered and they will be ready to compete for a win. Soccer usually provides some dramatic finishes and some crazy results. Nothing is guaranteed and anyone can win on the day. Tune in to see who takes care of business and moves on to the quarterfinals.

Mike Sorber

FieldTurf Blog