You Won’t be Able to Pass on These Mouthwatering Stadium Foods

You’ve made it to the stadium to see your favorite team play. Why just sit in your seat all game when you can make your way to the concession stands for some snacks to fill you up?! We’re not just talking about any snacks found at stadiums, we’re talking about some crazy, wacky, creative and interesting things on the menu at their concession stands!

We present to you the top 10 snacks to buy at a stadium:


#1. Nacho-Yo Dog – Detroit Lions (Ford Field)




Keep things simple – we hear it all the time. Two foods that fans love to buy unite to give us our top stadium food you have to try. That’s right; the combination of nachos and a hot dog is a ridiculous combo. If served all dressed, it looks like a traffic light with all the red, yellow and green colors. We’re sure to give this one the green light. Hopefully you will too!


#2. The Hammer – Atlanta Braves (Turner Field)




We nailed it with The Hammer! There’s no question this concession food deserves to have the runner up slot in our countdown. How could you not want to have fried chicken and bacon served in waffles with pepper jack cheese and pecan maple mayo?! Mmm..mmm…good. There’s no need to have breakfast if you plan on grabbing this delight at the stadium.


#3. Beer Cheese Mac & Cheese – Green Bay Packers (Lambeau Field)




Bottoms up! No, we’re just joking. We wouldn’t want you to choke on this one of a kind stadium food. Macaroni boiled in beer, then put in a mug and topped with beer cheese sauce as well as Wisconsin cheddar cheese…crazy, right? Some may think so, but the “Cheese heads” would beg to differ. This is easily something you can also concoct at home. Keep out of reach of children though.


#4. The Walk Off – Baltimore Orioles (Camden Yards)




Everyone loves the satisfaction and thrill of seeing their team win a game with a walk off homer. Well, in Baltimore, there have been a lot of walk offs not only on the field, but off the field as well. We present to you The Walk Off: an Old Bay Roma sausage inside a pretzel roll, topped with a crab dip, and then topped with Old Bay seasoning. There’s nothing else to say other than this is something that will definitely get your taste buds tingling.


#5. Peach Cobbler – Atlanta Falcons (Georgia Dome)




They don’t call Georgia the Peach State for nothing. It wouldn’t be right to not have such a delicious dessert made available at this stadium. Peach cobbler is a dessert that is loved by many people. Falcons fans may just have the urge to skip their main meal and go straight to dessert! There is also the temptation to top the cobbler with ice cream. Peaches and cream…yummy!


#6. S’pacific Salmon BLT – Seattle Seahawks (CenturyLink Field)




The stadium is called CenturyLink field. It certainly feels like great concession food has been linked for a century at this venue. The S’pacific Salmon BLT in one of those great kinds of food and it isn’t your typical BLT that you’d find at your local fast food chain. The contents of this stadium vendor serving are as follows: Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and the best ingredient…a filet of wild Alaska sockeye salmon. Seafood and sports – we’ll take that any day!


#7. Philly Cheese Steak/Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls – New England Revolution (Gillette Stadium)




More and more stadiums are making Philly cheese steak available on their menu, as well as chicken items. Fans at Gillette stadium crave an extraordinary stadium snack not common at other venues. We highly recommend you to go to Gillette Stadium and ask for either spring rolls stuffed with Philly cheese steak or buffalo chicken. After going to this stadium, you will not look at spring rolls in the same way!


#8. Parmesan Herb Pretzel – Syracuse Chiefs (NBT Bank Stadium)




Any top snacks list would not be right if we excluded a pretzel. We’re not talking about a regular salted pretzel. At NBT Bank Stadium, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab a Parmesan herb pretzel. There is no need to describe this pretzel since the name says it all. The only thing to say is that once you take a bite out of it, you’ll be in heaven.


#9. Montreal Smoked Meat – Montreal Impact (Saputo Stadium)




Montrealers not only love their sports, but they also love their food as well. One concession food that more and more Montreal fans get their hands on is Montreal smoked meat. The quality of this smoked meat is off the charts. Montreal smoked meat is cured beef which is very salty and seasoned with lots of peppercorns and flavorings (coriander, garlic, mustard seeds). It is traditionally served on rye bread and mustard. Sure, this may seem all too simple but it’s iconic to the city and you have to eat it to believe it.


#10. Mini Donuts with Dipping Sauce –Boise State Broncos (Albertsons Stadium)




Good things come in small packages. Things are no different in Boise State when it comes to their mini donuts. This kind of dessert is very addictive, so watch out! Bite sized snacks are accustomed to be devoured instantly and you’ll be craving more. The dipping sauce just puts the cherry on top. If you order this item, you may need to make your way over to the gym afterwards. One thing is for sure though – Boise State may have fooled us with their memorable “statue of liberty” play a few years ago, but they did not fool us with this splendid stadium food.


Hot dogs, French fries, chips…blah! Stadium vendors are offering much more crazy and unique foods today. The next time you’re at a stadium, remember to check out if any fun and interesting food servings are available. Don’t forget to also get a refreshment to go along with your food. What’s food without a beverage! Maybe you’ll also find a new intriguing beverage at the stadium to go along with that interesting food. At stadiums, being inventive is the right incentive for fans.

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